Running a club can get complicated so we have listed some useful resources below to help you run your club and achieve its’ maximum potential.  

Good governance framework and services:
Ensure that your club is practicing good governance by striving towards sustainable goals and an accountable board.

Club Committee Roles and Responsibilities:
Learn how to create a successful club committee and ensure your club runs smoothly. 

Financial Management of clubs:
Discover the best ways to manage your club financially and examine some alternative revenue streams. 

Marketing and Communication for clubs:
Make sure people know about your club by improving your marketing and communication skills! 

Attracting and retaining members:
Determine the best way for your club to attract new members and keep existing members. It is important to remember that member retention is easier than recruiting new ones, so make sure to keep your members happy! 

Maintaining a positive club culture:
Having a positive club culture is a great way to retain your members, but it also results in happy volunteers and staff. 

Strategic planning for clubs:
Learn how your club can create a Strategic and Business plan to keep you running for years to come.