Posted on Tuesday 26th March, 2024

State Championships Tips

Mindfulness tips for the State Championships.

For those who are new to pool meets and carnivals, it may seem a little daunting. Maybe it brings back some nerves on the old school carnival days, but these carnivals are a little different.

With less focus on coming 1st, 2nd or 3rd and more about participating for your own swimming goals. We have chatted to our coaches, Siobhan and Kim to help you feel a little more at ease on the day.

How does the swim program works?

On the day, you will be swimming with swimmers not based on age, gender, club, instead you will be swimming with others at a similar pace. So don’t worry about being the fastest or the slowest. Swim for your own challenge. Every race works on a points system, so the age category winner might not necessarily be the fastest swimmer of that heat but the overall winner from 4 races with highest points.

Swim for your own why?

  • It doesn’t have to be a race, more of your own self reward for achieving your goal and intentions, whether that is a challenge, just for the experience, learn something new about yourself, step out of the comfort zone of tackle a new PB.
  • Set a goal that is realistic on your swim time and inspiring for you. It might be something as simple as “I want to swim the whole distance without fading at the end” or “I want to touch the end to feel like I have given it my all”.
  • Create a list of empowering statements to give you confidence in both the preparation and in the race. Something as simple as “I can” and “I am a strong swimmer” can take your focus away from the “I Can’t”.
  • Warm up your mind as well as your body. Visually imagine the flow of the day and relax the body. Nerves are good, they help fuel us to swim faster on the day, but we just remember to relax and have fun. Link up with a buddy swimmer on the day to help support each other in the process or on the day, as they probably feel the same way too.

Need further guidance

  • Talk to your coach to help you to train, prepare or build your confidence in – starts, turns, finishes, what can help build fitness and pacing
  • Decide on whether that is your start practice (either diving on platform, edge or in pool) and ask your coach for ideas on improvements
  • If you are unsure at the pool in what to do, ask your fellow swimmers or officials. They are there to help.