What is Sandgropers?

Sandgropers is a virtual Masters Swimming club managed by Masters Swimming WA. Membership is open to adults aged 18+ of any ability or fitness level.

The club caters to Western Australian swimmers who:

  • Want to train alone, but compete in Masters Swimming events
  • Cannot commit to a traditional swimming club, but want support
  • Are located in regional areas or work FIFO and need to visit multiple facilities to train
  • Want to test the waters before committing to a traditional Masters Swimming club


Member Benefits:

Sandgropers Masters swimmers are eligible to participate in all Masters Swimming activities including inter-club events, plus State pool and Open Water Events, and National/International Championships which all have a focus on participation.

Other member benefits include:

  • New Member Pack including two Swim Caps and resources to get you started
  • E-newsletters and links to resources
  • A private Facebook Group for Sandgropers members
  • Weekly dryland/pool training activities and tips posted on social media
  • Yearly training programs
  • Your membership stays active regardless of where you are located
  • Coaching, Officiating and Development opportunities
  • Ongoing support from our Masters Swimming WA team
  • Limited insurance (for more info please contact us)

We are always looking to improve Sandgropers! Please contact us with any suggestions


Contact Sandgropers Masters Swimming Club

Masters Swimming WA:
Phone:(08) 9328 9469
Email: communications@mswa.asn.au 


Membership Fees for 2023

Membership Type Valid Period Cost
12 Month Country 2023 January 1 – December 31 2023 $114.65
12 Month Metro 2023 January 1 – December 31 2023 $139.58
6 Month 2023 July 1 – December 31 2023 $94.29 (Opens July 1, 2023)
16 Month Metro 2024 September 1 2023 – December 31 2024 $TBC (Opens Sept 1, 2023)
16 Month Country 2024 September 1 2023 – December 31 2024 $TBC (Opens Sept 1, 2023)