We aim to offer regular opportunities for new members to become Club Coaches through our Club Coach course, which is generally held at least once a year in October, subject to demand.

Additionally, as a new 2019 initiative we will offer members from our regional centres the opportunity to gain accreditation as a club coach through a high-intensity weekend workshop.  If you are a regional club and you have a minimum of 2 people interested in becoming accredited, please contact us for possible dates.

Club Coach Course Summary

As you will see from the Accreditation Pathway Guide on the MSA website, there are a variety of ways to become accredited, dependent on your level of experience; however, a general overview is outlined below. Please keep in mind that clubs will usually reimburse the costs of these courses so be sure to ask them prior to registering.

Step One

Complete the Pre-Registration Checklist, ensuring that you get approval from your club and pick the appropriate level of experience. If you have never coached before, you will need to complete this free training course prior to sending through your checklist.

Return the signed Pre-Registration checklist to masters.admin@mswa.asn.au

Step Two

Complete the Online Masters Swimming Club Coach Course.
Cost: Approximately $95

Step Three

Attend a Club Coach Workshop where you will receive your workbook. Send in this workbook to Masters Swimming WA once completed for it to be marked.
Cost: Approximately $160

Step Four

Complete and log 30 hours of coaching adults under the supervision of a qualified mentor coach.

Step Five

Complete a Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Course (CPR).
Cost: Dependent on training provider

Step Six

Ensure all documents have been completed and send to Masters Swimming WA.

All relevant forms and instructions to becoming a Masters Swimming Club Coach can be found on the Masters Swimming Australia website.

Why Become Accredited?

Gaining accreditation as a Masters Swimming Club Coach can be a rewarding personal experience and a valuable contribution to Masters swimming clubs. It will give you the skills to provide coaching at your club and guide your swimmers towards their goals. Once completed, your qualifications will be recognised by Sports Australia National Coaching Accreditation Scheme.

More information about the pathways to accreditation as well as the necessary application forms and documents to complete can be found at the Masters Swimming Australia website.

Professional Development & Swimmer Education

We aim to continue to offer opportunities for our club coaches and any other interested parties to keep up their professional development through a variety of skills workshops presented by top coaches and educators.  Look out on our Events page for the Coach and Swimmer Education opportunities already planned.  We will notify clubs and members when bookings open for these courses via our newsletters.

Useful websites for Coaches:
Australian Swimming Coaches and Teachers Association
The latest edition of ASCTA SwimFiles