Posted on Wednesday 29th June, 2022

2022 Country Correspondence Carnival


The Act Belong Commit Country Correspondence Carnival (CCC) meet is open to all affiliated country Masters Clubs and their members and will be conducted in the months of July to September 2022 by Masters Swimming WA under Masters swimming rules. This is a great meet for country members!

Points are allocated to swimmers and Clubs for each event in 5-year age groups; 10 Pts for first place, 9 pts for second etc. to 1 Pt for 10th and all other participating swimmers.

Each swimmer may compete in a maximum of 8 individual events and 4 relays but only once in each relay event.

Entry is FREE.  Clubs submit entries via Team Manager file to Richard Johnson (State Recorder) at   The Team Manager file is available for download above or from the Dropbox shared folder (Masters Sharing).  Results file to be emailed to Richard Johnson by Friday 14th October 2022.

Suggestions on how to hold events:

  • Hold three or four sprints once a week during a Club session followed by a relay.
  • On alternative sessions, swim 400m, 800m and 1500m events – these swims will qualify for both the Vorgee Endurance 1000 (E1000) program and the CCC.



Event   1: 50m Free Event   2: 50m Back Event   3: 50m Breast
Event   4: 50m Fly Event   5:   100m Free Event   6: 100m Back
Event   7: 100m Breast Event   8: 100m Fly Event   9: 100m IM
Event 10: 200m Free Event 11: 200m Back Event 12: 200m Breast
Event 13: 200m Fly Event 14: 200m IM Event 15: 400m Free
Event 16: 400m Back Event 17: 400m Breast Event 18: 400m Fly
Event 19: 400m IM Event 20: 800m Free Event 21: 800m Back
Event 22: 800m Breast Event 23: 800m Fly Event 24: 800m IM
Event 25: 1500m Free Event 26: 1500m Back Event 27: 1500m Breast
Event 28: 4 x 50m Relay Mixed Freestyle Event 29: 4 x 50m Relay Mixed Medley
Event 30: 4 x 50m Relay Men’s Freestyle Event 31: 4 x 50m Relay Women’s Freestyle
Event 32: 4 x 50m Relay Men’s Medley Event 33: 4 x 50m Relay Women’s Medley