MSWA has several sub-committees including Finance, Audit and Risk, Coaching, Technical, Open Water, Pool competition and the Youth Advisory Committee which support the board and staff. All committees are made up of volunteers and Masters Swimming WA members.



State Officers

State Recorder Richard Johnson Claremont
Swim Meet Coordinator Sue Pow Beatty Park
Pool Officials Coordinator Pamela Walter Stadium Masters
OWS Officials Coordinator Ron Gray Leeming Masters
Technical Education Coordinator Lynne Duncan Maida Vale
Member Protection Officer Sue Gliddon Masters Swimming WA



Pool Competition Committee

Richard Hughes (Chair) Claremont
Steve Crake Mandurah
Rowena Burch Armadale
Sue Pow Beatty Park Masters
Richard Johnson (State Recorder) Claremont
Sue Gliddon Executive Office – MSWA

Open Water Swim Working Group

Kate Baxter (Chair) Claremont
Kendall Leggett Fremantle
Andrea Williams Maida Vale
Peter Marr Cockburn
Graham Croft Claremont
Nick Wyatt Cockburn
Mike Kerman West Coast
Ron Gray (Technical) Leeming
Sue Gliddon Executive Officer – MSWA

Coaching Committee

Siobhan Tyndall (Chair) Perth City
Kim Tyler Fremantle
Viki Shelver Westcoast
Kareena Preston Fremantle
Fiona Wilkins Perth City
Sue Gliddon Executive Officer – MSWA

Technical Committee

Lynne Duncan (Chair) Maida Vale
Ron Gray Leeming
Sue Pow Beatty Park
Des Seery Mandurah
Pamela Walters Stadium
Rowena Burch Armadale
Sue Gliddon (Secretary) Executive Officer – MSWA

Finance, Audit & Risk Committee

Donovan Castelyn (Chair) Perth City
Fiona Wilkins Perth City
Kate Baxter Bold Park
Sue Gliddon Executive Officer – MSWA

Youth Advisory Panel

Lucy Morrison Beatty Park
Rowena Burch Armadale
Siobhan Wilkins Perth City
Hannah Girling Rockingham
Sue Gliddon Executive Officer – MSWA

Terms of Reference

Terms Of Reference Finance, Audit and Risk Committee May 2020

Terms Of Reference Youth Advisory Panel Final November 2018

Terms Of Reference Coaching Committee December 2018

Terms Of Reference Open Water Swim Committee December 2018

Terms Of Reference Pool Competition Committee December 2018

Terms Of Reference Technical Committee December 2018