For a full overview of how to start a club of any sort, please have a look at the Department of Sport and Recreation guide.

Listed below is an outline on how to establish a Masters Swimming Club. Please contact the office at 9328 9469 if you have any questions. 

1.0 Club Committee

1.1 Establish list of core keen swimmers

1.2 Arrange meeting to discuss club viability

1.3 Contact Masters Swimming WA for information/guidance

1.4 Draft annual budget then set member fees to cover annual costs.

1.5 Conduct Inaugural General Meeting, elect office bearers – President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Swim Coach, Social Director, Club Captains, Recorder, Safety Officer, Auditor and Publicity Officer.

1.6 Open club bank account, account signatories – any two to sign cheques, purchase cashbook and receipt book, obtain bank deposit book.

1.7 Affiliate Club with MSWA which includes annual payment depending on the size of your club – starting from $44

1.8 Establish club fee subscription on IMG Database and then “open” for new member access. MSWA can assist in establishing this

1.9 Members can then register on National Database (IMG) from MSWA website

2.0 Equipment

2.1 Consider whether to buy kickboards, pull buoys – members bring own fins

2.2 Equipment lockup box/wheelie bin

2.3 Banner/poolside corflute signs (waterproof)

2.4 Select club colours, mascot/logo

2.5 Arrange printing of club shirts, bathers, caps

3.0 Sponsorship/grants

3.2 Lane hire – Centre concession for community service club.

3.3 Council $1 for $1 equipment grant

3.4 View Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries website ( to identify potential grant opportunities 

3.5 If necessary apply to MSWA for start-up loan funds

4.0 Marketing Suggestions

4.1 Posters (laminated) – A3 or A4 for swim centre notice board

4.2 MSWA Brochures – for centre display

4.3. Public meeting – advertise

4.4 Community newspaper – advertise/article

5.0 Legal Requirements

5.1 Constitution – Model Club document available at

5.2 Submit to Department of Commerce

5.3 Incorporation: $168 – $190 (

5.4 Insurance – MSWA cover is included in member fees

6.0 Membership List – email

6.1 Club contact list exported from database and members can be emailed direct

7.0 Aquatic Centre Management

7.1 Book pool lanes

7.2 Introduce key personnel/establish relationship with Centre management

Other information:

Once you have established your club, here is more information on how to keep your club running: