There is a lot to think about when Swimming

Swim faster, more efficiently and build your endurance with coaching clinics run by accredited Masters Swimming WA coaches. If you are a regular swimmer for fitness or training up for an event, these clinics can help you move through ease in the water and take out you overthinking the stoke.

These coaching clinics helps you fine tune your technique, identify areas to improve and provide you with drills and practical advice so that you can keep developing your swimming beyond the clinic.

They are a small group, friendly setting held in various pools across WA as well as virtually.

Clinic Dates

Coming Soon


2.5 hours each


$25.00 per person per session.
These clinics are subsidised by DLGSC

Whether you are swimming for fitness, training for a event, swimming for injury rehabilitation or competing in a triathlon, these clinics is the ideal way to improve your swimming and get faster in the water.

You must be able to swim a minimum of 100m

  • Simple key elements to an efficient swim and common mistakes that slow you down.
  • Mastering body positioning to move through the water easier
  • Important techniques on head breathing, body rotation, hand position.
  • Catch-phase improvements