LiveLighter Fitness, Friendship & Fun Virtual Meet

30th May – 1st June 2020

Entries open 7am Saturday 30th May and close 5pm Monday 1st June

What is it all about?

For all our swimmers waiting to get back into their pools, we thought we’d host a ‘virtual’ meet where you can take part in a variety of ‘fitness’, ‘friendship’ or ‘fun’ activities and earn points for each activity block you achieve. For every family member that takes part with you, points can be added to your score. Pitting member against member and club against club, why don’t you join in the fun and watch ‘live’ updates on this page as members submit their activity.

How do I earn points?

You don’t need to swim to take part (though that is one of the activities), you can take a walk, ride a bike or even cook a healthy LiveLighter recipe to earn points. The more activities you do in the day, the more points you and your club earn. No prizes for winners – just a fantastic, fun weekend filled with activity and your name and club announced as winners in our newsletter and on social media.

Don’t forget to send us your videos and photos of you taking part. For every video and photo, you gain extra points. We will choose the best videos and photos to create a compilation video of the day.

Here’s a list of activities you can take part in and how many points you earn for each. If you complete any activities with a family member, you can multiply your points by the number of family members taking part.

Call a friend or relative5 points/call
30 minute walk5 points/30 mins
5km run15 points/5km
45 minute dry-land workout15 points/45 mins
1km swim in the pool or open water15 points/1km
25km bike ride15 points/25km
Play a board game or complete a jigsaw10 points/game
Cook a LiveLighter healthy recipe15 points/recipe
Video chat or meet (safely) with friends10 points
Email a video of you taking part in the above10 points/video
Email a photo of you taking part in the above5 points/photo
Enter the number of times (units) you completed any of the above activities.

ONLY SUBMIT YOUR ENTRIES DURING THE TIME PERIOD SHOWN ABOVE. Entries submitted outside this time period will be deleted.

For a detailed explanation of how to enter please see the video below.


Don’t forget, if you have to adjust your activity points, go to the email link you will have received on entry and EDIT RESPONSE,  please don’t create a new entry otherwise all your points will not be added together.

For a detailed explanation of how to enter please see the video below.