LiveLighter ‘Swim to Everest’ Spring Equinox Virtual Swim



6am Monday 21st September to Midnight Sunday 27th September

What is it all about?

The LiveLighter ‘Swim to Everest’ virtual meet will open from 6am Monday 21st September to midnight Sunday 27th September. The concept is as follows:

  • Swimmers take part in a team as a duo, trio or foursome to complete the total distance of 8,850m – the height of Everest
  • People can swim their own programmes but for those needing a little assistance, we’re providing the programmes below. They can be sum as many times as teams would like during the ‘Spring Equinox’ week.
  • The idea is that people share the lead – the ‘equal’ part of Equinox
  • No points competition for this meet but the winner of the most creative ‘summit’ photo or video will win a prize.
  • Don’t forget to pick a TEAM NAME before you register

$300 Voucher for the most creative ‘summit’ team picture or video

Take a picture or video of your team as you complete your summit of Everest. The most creative picture or video submitted will win a $300 Visa Voucher for the team. There is only one prize.

Please email your photo/video to communications@mswa.asn.au

Tarquin and Sophie will determine the winner based on the most creative picture or video. The judges’ decision will be final and no appeals entered into.

Here’s some programmes for your teams if you need:

1400m Swim300m Swim200m SwimArrive in Kathmandu
2400 as Fins 25m Kick, 25m swim300 as Fins 25m Kick, 25m swim200 as Fins 25m Kick, 25m swimWear in new hiking boots
3400 as Fins 25m Drill, 25m swim300 as Fins 25m Drill, 25m swim200 as Fins 25m Drill, 25m swimDo some practice climbs
4400 swim300 swim200 swimWalk to Base Camp – Day 1
52x200m swim2x150m swim2x100m swimWalk to Base Camp – Day 2
64x100m swim4x75m swim4x50m swimWalk to Base Camp – Day 3
7Pull 2x200mPull 3x100mPull 2x100mSet up Base Camp – relax
84x100m IM or form stroke2x100m IM or form stroke4x100m IM or form strokeTraverse to ice field
94x100m controlled breathing2x100m controlled breathing2x100m controlled breathingIt’s getting hard to breath
104x50m controlled breathing 4x50m fists2x50m controlled breathing 2x50m fists2x50m controlled breathing 2x50m fistsGetting harder, hands are getting too cold to use
Final push, running out of energy
25m2x25m12mFinal steps to the summit
Total4,425m 2,950m2,212mYOU’VE MADE IT!

Enter the number of times (units) you individually completed any of the above activities.

ONLY SUBMIT YOUR ENTRIES DURING THE TIME PERIOD SHOWN ABOVE. Entries submitted outside this time period will be deleted.

Don’t forget, if you complete the summit  more than once during the week, go to the email link you will have received on entry and EDIT RESPONSE,  please don’t create a new entry.  Please check your spam folder if you do not receive this confirmation email within 45min.  Look for an email from Google Forms.