Open Water


WOW Swims ‘the community swim series for all’

WOWSwims is the new brand for all MSWA open water events and is “The Community Swim Series for all” Such swims are conducted in the ocean, rivers and lakes.  Entry is individual and on-line. The Masters Clubs that conduct these events raise funds for charity or other worthy causes.

LiveLighter Masters Swimming WA State Open Water Series Championships 

Annual open water event including 3.2km, 1.6km championship event, 800m and a 400m “Try it” non-championship event conducted by host Masters Club on behalf of MSWA. To be eligible for the MSWA State event you must be a member.

LiveLighter Novice Ocean Swims – WOW Swims 

There are annual events conducted by Masters Swimming WA and its clubs to give people the opportunity to “Try It” over 400m.  The event is not a race and participants receive acknowledgement of their swim.  It is aimed at swimmers who have never swum in an open water event let alone over a swim course and is supervised by life savers.

Visit the WOW Swim website for more information