Fiona Wilkins

I originally started swimming with Carine Masters way back before children in 1989/1990 through the encouragement of Lynne Malone.

After a little break, I joined Perth City Swim Club in 1996 and have been there ever since. I have held many positions there including President from 2001 to 2009, Vice President, Secretary and a few others. I have helped out over the years working in accreditation for the 1998 World FINA Championships while having little children.

In 2006 I was approached by Wendy Holtom to be the Meet Director for the FINA World Masters Championships to be held in 2008. We had a great team and an exhausting time running two pools full of swimming in between the water polo and diving!

I think Wendy thought I was a pro by then and I ran a few State Championships before she asked me to be the Meet Convenor for the 2011 Masters National Championships. Life was a bit busier with teenagers so I semi-retired until she tapped me on the shoulder in 2015 to take up a Board position as Director of Swimming with a steep learning curve. Lynne Malone retired from the Board and I took on the role of National Delegate in 2016, President in 2018. The Masters National Swimming Championships came around yet again and so it felt like groundhog day for N18 as Meet Convenor and Meet Director!