Posted on Thursday 1st July, 2021

6 Month Memberships Now Available

Have you been thinking about joining a Masters Swimming club? Now is the time! Our 6 month memberships are available now, and will keep you swimming until December 31 2021.

Our clubs are open to all persons aged 18+ who want to swim for fitness, friendship and fun. We have regular pool competitions, events, and an open water swimming series in the summer.

The first step is to find a club to join!

If you’re not sure which club to go for, send us an email at with details about where you are located and we can give some recommendations.


Sign Up

Next, head on over to the Masters Swimming Australia website to register. On the right hand side, click ‘Join As New Member’ if you have never been a member with us before. If renewing, select ‘Renew Here’ instead.

Join Today!



Our membership fees are made up of three components – national, state and club. The price of your 6 month membership will be these three components added together.

National Component $31.50
State Component $34
Club Component Usually $20 – $50, this fee varies club-to-club and all clubs will have different fee amounts.

So the cost of the 6 month membership will be $65.50 + the club fee.



Your membership will be valid from July 1 2021 until December 31 2021.

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We hope to see you in the pool soon. Happy Swimming!