Posted on Thursday 10th June, 2021

LiveLighter Winter Solstice Swim FAQ – 2021



Is this an Open Water Swim?

  • Yes, you can complete your swims in any river, lake or ocean.
  • If you are in a remote location or are not able to access open water but still want to participate, please send us an email and you will be allowed to utilise a pool for your swim instead.
  • If the weather is dangerous or stormy, you may complete your swim in a pool instead.


Do swimwear rules apply?

  • No, there are no rules about swimwear and you can wear whatever you like. Wetsuits are permitted, and we recommend you wear one to keep warm! You can wear fins, or a snorkel and use any other buoyancy/safety equipment you need to feel safe and confident in the water. Have fun and stay safe!


How can I change or add more to my entry?

  • If you have to adjust your activity points, go to the email link you will have received on entry and EDIT RESPONSE,  please don’t create a new entry otherwise all your points will not be added together and there will be multiple entries under your name.
  • Please check your spam folder if you did not receive this confirmation email within 45min of entering.  Look for an email from Google Forms.


Who can enter the competition?

  • The LiveLighter Winter Solstice Swim is open to all financial Masters Swimming WA members. Individual swimmers enter, and their points are added to a club total.
  • Members of the public are welcome to swim with participating clubs, but they are not eligible to enter the competition or earn points for the club.


What are the entry limits?

  • You will be able to enter a maximum of one swim per day, or three total over the competition period. Anyone purposely entering more than the limit will be disqualified.
  • There will be a maximum entry of 5 photos and 2 videos per person total. You are able to send through as many as you like, but only the 5 and 2 will count towards your point total. This prevents the issue with excessive point accumulation.
  • Entries Open 6am 26th June 2021. Entries close 11.59pm 28th June 2021. Entries submitted outside this period will be disqualified. The Presidents decision on all matters is final. No appeals or disputes are permitted. This event is for fitness, friendship and fun.


How can I earn points?

  • Each individual swimmer must log their participation online in order to collect points for the club. There will be three swim distances you can take part in:
  • Quick Dip: up to but not exceeding 500m
  • Regular Swim: 500m – 2km
  • Super Swim: anything more than 2km
  • There will also be points allocated for photos and video (with limits to how many can be submitted).


How do I enter?

Updated video coming soon! In the meantime, you are able to view the video made for the 2020 event here. It will still be the same process, but the point system, dates and entry limits have changed.


Where do I send photos and videos?

  • Please send everything through to Tarquin at  You can attach files to the email or send them via Dropbox, Google Drive or other cloud-based link.


What if my club wins?

  • The winning club will be awarded the Winter Solstice Swim Trophy, a perpetual cup trophy that will have the names of the winning clubs engraved on it’s base for years to come.
  • The winning club will be entitled to hold onto the Winter Solstice Swim Trophy (if they like) until the first of June the following year when it must be returned to Masters Swimming WA ahead of the next LiveLighter Winter Solstice Swim.
  • Masters Swimming WA will initially retain the trophy in order to have it engraved with the winning club name.


I want to appeal or dispute the results

  • No appeals, arguments or disputes are permitted. 
  • Masters Swimming WA will check all entries for eligibility before passing the results to the President for final verification. The Presidents decision will be final.


Who can I contact if I need help?

Please contact Tarquin via email at You can also call our office on (08) 9328 9469 from 9am – 3pm week days. This email address is also where you can submit photos and videos.  


Where are other clubs swimming?

Club Name Swim Location Date Time