Posted on Wednesday 11th March, 2020

A Coronavirus Health Update

COVID-19 Hub Page

Update: 23-03-20

To all our members,
We are continuing to see the spread of COVID-19 and increasing measures implemented at both state and federal level to limit the spread of the disease.  Following on from the latest directive from the federal government regarding the closure of indoor sporting facilities from 12pm today, many of you will find your clubs suspending operations due to the closure of pools.

This directive includes outdoor pools at indoor facilities. While some of our members may be very keen to continue to swim at outdoor venues, we strongly discourage members from participating in ongoing group training.
Public health advice is changing continuously and based on measures taken overseas, it may only be a matter of time before even further restrictions are placed on going outdoors.
We recognise that many of our members feel that swimming is currently an essential part of their day for overall health and fitness, including their mental health at these very difficult times, it is paramount you respect and follow government, council and public health advice. 

Our primary focus is to protect the health and safety of our members, coaches, technical officials, volunteers and staff. With the ongoing closure of pools across Australia to prevent the spread of the virus, it is becoming increasingly more difficult for our people to manage social distancing and maintain good hygiene while in group training.
Masters Swimming WA can’t stress strongly enough that every person has the responsibility to assess all risks for themselves, consider their actions on others, follow government and public health advice and act in the best interest of the wider population.
Masters Swimming WA will be continuing to work to provide our members with the latest updates as well as well as provide you with other ways to support you while you are not swimming.
Our staff will now be working from home.  All enquiries should be directed to

Kind regards,

Sophie Row

Masters Swimming WA Executive Officer


Masters Swimming WA would like to ensure the health, safety and hygiene of all our members and their families.   Please read the attached message from Masters Swimming Australia in relation to COVID-19.   We would like to re-iterate the following in relation to WA.
We ask all members, coaches, technical officials and volunteers to follow the guidelines below in order to keep our swimming community as healthy as possible over the coming weeks and months.
We ask that you don’t attend swimming training, events or MSWA meetings if you:

  • have been in any of the declared zones in the past two weeks (currently Mainland China, Korea, Mongolia, Italy and Iran) – for latest advice, check HERE;
  • have been in contact with anyone who has been travelling in those zones, or concerned you have been in contact with anyone who has Coronavirus, or;
  • you have the slightest sniffle, cold or other flu-like symptoms.

Please take all precautions as much as possible to avoid the spreading of this virus and seek medical advice if you are concerned about your health and wellbeing.
In addition, we ask everyone to practice high levels of hygiene health (washing hands, sanitizer etc) which are widely considered by health experts to be key to disease prevention and management. We also ask that we avoid physical contact (shaking hands etc). We want to circumvent any situation where we can spread any virus, or one where we have significant numbers of people needing to isolate at the same time.
Keeping our community healthy over the next few months is paramount. The Masters Swimming WA Board and staff thank everyone in advance and will continue to monitor the situation and keep all members updated on any new developments.